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"Bringing your sash windows back to life"

Double Glazing Sash Windows

Can Wood Sash Windows Be Double Glazed?


"Bringing your sash windows back to life" 

This service is the highest service that we offer for period properties. We rejuvenate the history of the original sashes and box without any compromises (LIKE FOR LIKE).  Do not be fooled into believing that your windows are a lost cause and are beyond repair as there is always a way to keep the integrity of the windows and their originality by simply asking P.T Joinery & Sash Windows to restore them to their former glory.  If your intrigued and want to know more about this service then click the button below for more infomation....easy

Sash Replacements

Sometimes where joinery has deteriorated past even our extensive repair service or is beyond economic repair, P.T Joinery & Sash Windows has extensive experience in manufacturing  double or single glazed sash windows that are crafted using traditional joinery techniques and matching the originals.

Double Glazing

Our energy-efficient, double glazed sliding sashes are custom made timber replicas of your existing sash windows. 

New sashes are retrofitted into your current sash window frames, in one day. 

Only the top and bottom glazed sash frames are replaced, leaving the original box window frame in place. 

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